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Annual General Meeting

We held our AGM on Sunday, 14th April. A big thank you to those of you who came along. We were rather disappointed that only about 30 members out of some 185 attended and we will be looking into ways to increase member participation at our annual meetings. Click here for the Annual Committee Report  outlining last year’s activities and explaining some of our plans for the coming year.

Plant/Seed Swap

Please come along to the plant swap on Saturday, May 18th. We hope you will have some labelled seedlings, cuttings or mature plants to donate to the cause. We would also welcome any seeds that are surplus to your needs. These can be vegetables or flowers. We ask that these are brought to the site between 10 – 10.30 am when they will be put onto tables on the grassed area by committee members.  From 11am (if you wish to) you can come and choose some plants.  In the interests of fairness, you will be limited to a choice of 6 items.

Members’ Picnic / BBQ

The date of Saturday, 13th July has been chosen for a members’ picnic/BBQ. We will provide some seating, the charcoal and  BBQs + some other extras (to be decided) There will also be music for entertainment and dancing. The plan is for members to bring their own food and drink which could, if you wish, include items for you to BBQ yourselves.  Watch this space for further info nearer the time but please keep the date free!

Work Party and Bonfire

Another work party will be held on Sunday, 12th May (10am at the Trading Hut).  A huge amount of effort is required to keep our large site looking good and as safe as possible for our members and we are now holding regular work parties for plotholders to help do this. Many of you have already attended previous work parties and we would like to thank you for doing so. If you haven’t already done so (or have!) please do make an effort to come along – it can be both rewarding and fun.  If you can’t manage this one, don’t worry – another will be held on Saturday, June 22nd.


 A communal bonfire is also planned for 12th May. If you have any old timber or prunings , you may put them on the bonfire site (opposite the oak tree, just beyond the Belmont car park).  The timber and prunings should be cut into shortish lengths (about 1metre) and put on the site tidily to the right of the site.

Plot Walk-About

Members of the Committee will be having our second walk around the site on May 20th. On our last one, we were concerned that some plots showed signs of serious neglect. This was despite generous allowances being made for the recent awful weather. Some plotholders were contacted and most have taken steps to rectify matters or left the site. A few members have sadly not responded to our emails and we will be certainly looking at these plots again plus others.  

Key Fobs

Barely a month goes by without someone contacting me to say they have found or lost a key (s)on site.  It would help to reunite keys with members much more quickly if they were labelled with a plot number. We have purchased some key fobs for this purpose. Next time you’re in the TH, pick one up (they’re free).                           


As you may be aware, we have been having some trouble with the Cat Hill padlock. 2 new ones will be acquired shortly. Talking about the gates, please make sure the slider actually goes through the catch/loop at the back when you shut the gate. If it doesn’t, the gate is not securely shut.


Please note that the Trading Hut will be open on Saturday 20th not Sunday 21st as previously advertised.


There are no wheelbarrows in either of the the lower car parks and some are missing from the Cat Hill car park. PLEASE, PLEASE return barrows after use. DO NOT keep them on your plot. It is selfish to do so.

A shovel  is also missing from the Belmont car park wood chip pile.


Even if you have already had some of the Stable manure from the Cat Hill car park, please feel free to take some more now..


Linked below is the Association’s new Health and Safety Policy together with statements outlining the required responsibilities of both the Committee and you, as plot holders. Please read and familiarize yourselves with these documents.

Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Guidelines

Committee Responsibilities

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