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Plant Swap

We would like to remind you about the plant swap on Saturday May 28th. Please bring along any spare, well labelled plants, at about 10am. You will be able tochoose new plants from about 11am.

We have decided that it would be a very good idea for plotholders to make a donation for the plants they take away. We suggest 25p - 50p for each plant. We will let you know how much money we raise and which charity we decide to support.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


After a bit of a delay, a general slip is now in the Belmont car park. PLEASE, PLEASE do not use it for rubbish that is otherwise easily disposed of.

We would ask that it is used for broken glass, old carpet, rotten timber etc. (no "green waste") It should NOT be used for plastic bottles, cardboard and other small items - you can take those home to your own bin. As always, metal items can be put tidily behind the Trading Hut.

Lost Keys

One of our plotholders lost a bunch of keys on the site last weekend. Please keep an eye out for them and hand them in or let me know if you find them.


Thank you to everyone who came along to our AGM on the 11th of April - it must have been the best attended ever. We even nearly ran out of chairs! It was very gratifying to see so many of you there, including lots of our newer members.

The present committee was re-elected and we are pleased to welcome Lynette Mapp (plot 50a) and Mike Kemp (plot 64a) as our two new members. We will also be co-opting 2 further committee members in the near future. A full list will soon be available on the noticeboard.

It was announced that there will be no increase the rent for the year 2022-3 but a possible increase of £10 for the year 2023-4 was voted for and passed.

We realise that cheque books are becoming very much a thing of the past and are investigating methods of paying your rent with a bank card.

Let this be a warning! - a motion was passed to levy a £25 fine on plot holders who fail to pay their rent on one of the 3 designated weekends. If we have previously received a very good reason why this is not possible and other arrangements are made, this fine will be waived.

Click here for a copy of the Committee's report. If your are unable to open it, it can also be viewed on the noticeboard outside the Trading Hut.


We will not be having any more communal bonfires until the Autumn and a new Green Skip will not be provided before then, either.

There are, however, several ways of dealing with uncompostable waste until then: you could take it home for your own green bin (if you have one); take it to Summer's Lane recycling centre or perhaps store it tidily on your plot until the autumn. Perennial weeds such as couch grass, bind weed and dandelions can be soaked in a bucket of water or dried out in the open for a few weeks and then put on your compost heap.

We try to help as much as we can with waste disposal but all plot holders also need to be proactive about dealing with waste from their plots themselves.

There will be another general skip available in the near future. We will let you know when.

Plot Cultivation

Now that Spring is here, it is time to ensure that you plots are prepared and you are ready to start growing the fruit and vegetables you have been dreaming of growing since the end of last season. Many plotholders have been tending their plots over the Winter months and some are ready to go with planting when the soil is just a bit warmer.

However, looking around the site, there are some plots where there is no evidence of any work having been undertaken at all. It is therefore time to consider whether or not you will be able and willing to do the work necessary to cultivate your plot in order to grow a good quantity of tasty and fresh produce. Now is the time to let us know if you don’t you wish to give the necessary commitment that is needed to cultivate your plot so that it can be let to someone on the waiting list at the start of the growing season. You may give up your whole plot or a half if that is too much for you to deal with and we will refund your rent and water charges pro rata to when you give up, in addition to refunding your key deposit as appropriate. There are currently over 50 people on the list, even though we have allocated almost 20 plots since the end of the last season. At this time in 2019 there were only 8 on the list! Many of the plots that have been let over the past 5 months have been transformed by keen new plotholders from being overgrown and neglected to being well prepared and ready for planting.

A site inspection will be undertaken in the near future and where plots are not being properly tended letters will be sent to those plotholders giving them a deadline by which they must make improvements and demonstrate that they will cultivate the plots properly. In these current times it is even more important that land which has been set aside for growing food is cultivated and is not neglected.

Trading Hut

The Trading Hut will be opening officially on Sunday, 20th March (9.30 am - 12 noon ) It will be then opening on alternate Saturdays and Sundays for the rest of the season. There are a few outstanding horse- manure payments. Our takings, so far, are well short of the £160 we paid for delivery and so it is likely that the price will have to rise in the future.

National Association of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners

Most of you will know that our Association is affiliated to the NSALG. As a plot holder, you can access their services and gardening advice on their website ( You can also read their quarterly magazine online.

A long time ago, I sent out their contact details in a Newsletter and it is probably time to do it again - to access the members' area, you need the following; username J3547 and the password is nsalg12.


Linked below is the Association’s new Health and Safety Policy together with statements outlining the required responsibilities of both the Committee and you, as plot holders. Please read and familiarize yourselves with these documents.

Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Guidelines

Committee Responsibilities


We continue to hold the occasional “communal” bonfire in order to dispose of old timber which cannot be put in the green skip. If you would like to be made aware of the next one near you, please ask. We will stop having them in the summer months.


Despite constant reminders, we have had reports that gates to the site are still being left open. This potentially endangers our members and property. You must lock them on entering and leaving the site.